Corporate Solutions


Give your employees more power for their daily commute: with Legendebikes.
Simply build our e-bikes into your company’s mobility plans and get your business moving efficiently and economically. You’ll also provide your employees with an opportunity to help the environment and boost their health while getting from A to B.


Support employees who want to buy an ebike from Legendebikes, as a way of making your company an even more attractive place to work. Through this unique, clever incentive you will not only help your employees become healthier as they ride to work.  You will also boost their job satisfaction, which has been demonstrated to increase loyalty to the company.

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Your employees can enjoy a clear ride to work through the city, make customer visits and get home again with minimal stress. How? On a Legendebike. Particularly at rush hour, it’s faster by e-bike than by car. So make every working day both efficient and relaxing for your employees: no hunting for parking spaces, no waiting for public transport, and optimum use of the time spent on appointments away from the office.

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