About Us

There is something enchanting about riding a bicycle. The wind in your hair and the vivid view spread out in front of you – a truly magical experience! We as children, considered a brand new bike the biggest treat imaginable. But then we grew up and realized that cars, buses, trains and planes make you get places faster but they pollute the environment and makes us fat.

So we asked ourselves: Why can't we all get back to riding bikes more often? Because it's tough up hills and not quick enough!

So we sourced the very best quality Smart Electric Bikes we could find from one of the very best manufacturers in the world, because we believe that everyone, old, young, fat and thin should have the opportunity to feel that special feeling we felt as kids.

We wanted to provide the world's best designed and engineered Smart Electric Bikes at the best possible prices - downunder! The way we do this is to sell direct, cutting out the middle part of the supply chain. European quality at affordable prices!

All components must be of premium quality including the most expensive element of an Electric Bike, the battery. Ours are Panasonic or Samsung, the leaders by far from Japan and nearby. All models use only disk brakes because when an Electric Bike needs to stop quickly, it must. We need our gadgets of this modern world so we can have our favorite music and navigation/GPS features - all our models have this integrated with bluetooth and your smartphone via the free app. From your personal page in the cloud you will be able to see all the information regarding your route. Maximum, minimum and average speed, consumed calories, altitude, difficulty of the route, detailed timings, etc. In addition, through integrated web services, such as FACEBOOK or STRAVA, you now can share and compare all the details with other users who have also published their activities. Riding a bicycle will never be the same again.

All designed and engineered in Europe.

With our e-commerce online only store, we are proud to be able to bring you some of the finest and most innovative cycling products. We are an independent New Zealand family owned business.

The Legendebike range of Smart Electric Bikes are manufactured then assembled and flat-packed ready for shipping direct to you, the customer. All this without any wholesaler or retail outlets. In addition, every bike is quality control rechecked prior to finally going out our door to you. This is how we can offer you the best Smart Electric Bike at the very best price possible!



We are always on hand both before and after you make your purchase.

We understand that taking to a bike is not so simple for those who have lost some fitness, have diabetes, recovering from heart issues, are perhaps a bit older, have had an injury or simply don't have either the time or facilities at their workplace to shower and freshen up after a commute by bike. For this reason, all of our bikes are electric-assisted bikes 'ebike' (or more correctly, PEDELECS-pedal-assisted electric bicycles). This is at the heart of our philosophy. We are dedicated to providing solutions that make cycling possible again while respecting the environment and improving people's lives using technology and innovation.

The batteries in our Smart Electric Bikes generally give between 60 to 100 kms of range with electrical assistance. But like a car, if you've got a heavy right foot and accelerating a lot then it uses more fuel and that's the same with an Electric Bike. If you use more electrical assistance then you'll have a slightly shorter range.

With new MOSFET technology from ebikemotion software (designed in Spain) and high efficiency algorithms, our motor controller consumes between 15% and 20% less than our competitors. That is innovating.