The entire 2018 range is part of the new SMART EBIKES concept, as they incorporate the new ebikemotion Smart Motor Control that offers an improvement in terms of efficiency between 15% and 20% higher than other models of similar market segment. All models also use the urban version of iWoc® remote with 5 buttons and Bluetooth® connection, which opens up a world of possibilities for the user from the point of view of connectivity and improves the manufacturer’s control and support processes.

The user will be able to use his or her SMART models (Monza, Etna, Milano and Siena) with their mobile phone to know the status of the eBike, riding, record his or her activities and share them with other users and even use their smartphone as a display if you want. The smartphone application (ebikemotion APP) is complemented by a dashboard web page adapted to the needs of Legend which is available using the web address: in any browser. In order to use these functions, the user needs to register via web or mobile APP and have a compatible Legend Smart bike.

The 5-button remote control allows you to control assistance levels, walk mode, eBike lights and also the APP itself, with ZOOM functions on maps, movement through them, screen change, activation of voice status notifications , etc. This version of command of the iWoc® family of ebikemotion is absolutely urban. It has been designed so that the user does not need anything more than the remote to be able to circulate and know everything important about the eBike. For this, it incorporates 7 high brightness LEDs to inform the user about the level of battery charge and the level of assistance used. An additional LED with an RGB light informs the user about the status of the eBike, bluetooth connections, errors, etc.

Undoubtedly  great commitment of the Spanish company to offer its users a product much more consistent and adapted to the needs of users of this type of bike that feel a bond and respect for the environment. Modern and stylish people who demand a quality product. 

Congratulations Legend and welcome to the club.

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