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What is the proper Maintenance Schedule for an Electric Bike?

Legendebikes have built high quality and low maintenance into the components of their bikes. We do recommend getting the bike looked at for spoke, gears (on derailleur models) and brakes after a period of 2-3 months after purchasing. The interval for a bike shop inspection after that can be yearly with the exception of the following wear items.

1. Brakes - The adjustment and replacement of pads on the brakes has to do with wear and does not need to be done at a regular interval. If you use the bike a lot on hills, check the brakes, cables and pads more often. Look and listen for any changes in brake function and have a shop (or yourself) change pads as necessary. Having a bike mechanic look at this twice a year is a prudent schedule.

2. Chain lube - This is also related to use and terrain. Dusty or wet conditions require more lubrication of the chain than others. We recommend wax based chain lubes for dry climates and oil based chain lubes for wet climates. Using regular motor oil is inadequate for this lubrication.

3. Tyres - Inflation of the tyres will make a huge difference to the range and longevity of wheel components. The Schwalbe road tyres that come on most of our bikes are top quality, and require 60 psi for longest life and greatest distance traveled. The Maxxis tyres and some mountain bike tyres are inflated to about 40-45 psi depending on your weight and riding preferences. Note that the correct maximum inflations will make the bike travel maximum distance on a charge. Note that the tyre pressure is printed into the rubber on the side of the tyre for easy reference.

4. Washing - Light washing is good, but never use a pressured hose to wash any bike, but especially e-bikes. Pressured water will get past the seals and water resistant parts of your bike and cause problems. A light brushing with mild soapy water and a rinse is all that is required. Waxing will indeed repel dirt, however, if you wish to take this step.

5. Spokes - These need tension adjustment infrequently but are important to have checked after the first 2-3 months of riding and once a year after that. We recommend that you go to a trained bike mechanic for this adjustment.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept a range of payment forms - Bank Transfers, Mastercard or Visa. Credit card payments are processed through DPS Payment Express  - DPS is trusted and a secure payment system. Customer credit card details are never stored by us. Finance is also available through XXXX

Do you offer Laybuy?
We offer Oxipay. Oxipay lets you pay in 6 fortnightly payments. Find out more about Oxipay here. Laybuy lets you pay over 6 fortnightly payments. Find out more about Laybuy here.

How do I apply a Promo Code?
Promotional coupon codes can be applied at checkout in the "Apply discount code" box. Promo codes are not valid on Finance or previous purchases.

Are prices on your website in New Zealand dollars?
All pricing on our website is in New Zealand dollars

What are your Bank Account details?
If you've chosen to pay via Bank Transfer, please deposit your order total to...
Kiwibank Limited
Euro Electric Cycles Limited T/A Legendebikes



Can I place a ‘Special Order’?
Of course you can but it may take time to deliver. Give us a call on 0800 myebike (693 2453) to discuss your requirements. A deposit is generally required for special orders. We can order anything from our range tailored especially based on quantities.

I have made a mistake on my order – Is it possible to change or modify it?
Yes but provided you call us immediately and the product has not been already dispatched.

How long will my pre order take to arrive?
Pre-order times vary depending on the product and can be influenced by factors outside our control such as shipment delays at customs. We will keep you updated if you have something on pre-order with us. If you have any questions please call or email us. Normally we will have some idea of ETA at your order time if you ask?

Do the Legendebikes come assembled?
All our bicycles are fully assembled and checked before dispatch for Quality Assurance purposes, however, in order to fit your bike into the packing box for shipping it is necessary to detatch some parts of the bike. It is a relatively easy job to reattach these parts and generally takes approx 20 minutes depending on the model choosen. In the rare case that you are having trouble assembling the bike, please don't hesitate to call our workshop on 0800 myebike (693 2453) for technical assistance.