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! ATTENTION: Please be mindful that non-compliance and/or non-compliance with periodic maintenance may result in your eBike warranty becoming voided


Clean, adjust, inflate and oil. This is the basic maintenance protocol for a conventional bicycle and fully applicable in the case of an electric one. It is very important to check the bicycle after use to prolong the life of the components. We recommend that you carefully follow the following points:

1. Clean all areas of the bicycle with rags, paper moistened with water and soap but not with abrasive products such as alcohol or turpentine. An air compressor can be very helpful.

2. Check the condition of the covers or tyres that they do not have cuts, cracks or embedded objects such as stones, glass or sticks.

3. The brakes must have the pads close to the disc but without touching it. When operating the brake lever with little force, the brake must act instantly. The pads must be perfectly adjusted to avoid noise and irregular braking.

4. The wiring must not be too rigid, since with changes to temperature and use, the material expands and if excessive force is applied it can peel until it breaks.

5. Make sure that the chain circulates without friction unrelated to its mechanism.

6. Due to the vibrations received during use, your must periodically check the tightening of nuts and bolts, mainly on the wheels, the saddle and the handlebar stem.

7. Grease bottom bracket bearings and wheel hubs.

8. Do not carry passengers and heavy objects (Carrier load capacity: Maximum 27kg), this may damage the battery and motor.

!! Never Use Pressurised Water


All Legendebikes electric bicycles work with lithium batteries. To recharge the battery, connect the transformer to the mains power and the output plug to the battery. Do not apply force when connecting. The charging indicators will show once the battery charge is complete with a green light. Apart from recharging these batteries do not require any other type of maintenance. To prolong battery life, do not store the eBike in areas where the temperature may drop below 0 degrees Celsius or exceed 50 degrees Celsius. To optimise the useful life of your battery, try to recharge it by following these two rules:

1. Do not wait until the battery is fully discharged before charging it again. Keep in mind that the more frequent you recharge your battery, the better it will perform.

2. Store at 50% charge

3. Store it in a cool, dry place and charge it at least every two months.

4. Be careful not to store a fully discharged or fully charged battery for long periods of time.

5. Due to the natural self-discharge rate in Li-ion cells, you should check the charge level approximately every 2 months and apply a 30 minute charge.


In order to optimise its performance, follow the instructions below:

1. Avoid 'empty' pedalling and try to assist the motor with strength of your legs. This will prevent possible overheating of the motor and battery.

2. In rain, the bicycle should never be used where the water level covers the motor, battery or electronic controller.


The controller is installed inside the battery case area near the seat. It is very important to take into consideration the following points:

1. Do not immerse in water

2. You must not open or hit/bang the controller

NOTE: If water does enter the controller box, immediately turn off the mains power and pedal without electric assistance, until you are 100% sure that it is dry again. Then you can turn on the pedal assist system once again.

Never attempt to open the controller box. Any attempt to modify or adjust it will void the warranty.


It is important that you read this table so you know what the periodic maintenance requirements of your eBike are.