• Monza / Etna 14Ah battery

Li-IOn 36V Battery for e-bike Legend Monza 2018. Internal battery with USB port.

Capacity:Out-of-stock10,4Ah | 374Wh11,6Ah | 418Wh
Autonomy:  *≅50Km≅80Km≅100Km
Max discharge:1,5C2C
Cells 4S10P:YOKU ICR18650/2AhPanasonic-Samsung UR18650ZYPanasonic-Samsung NCR18650F

*Autonomy estimated under the following conditions:

1.- Flat terrain with no stops

2.- Rider weight: 70Kgs.

3.- Low wind conditions ± 0,2m/s

Monza / Etna 14Ah battery

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